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General Information On Prenuptial Agreement

Marriage has evolved over the years to develop two aspects. There is the financial aspect in the family where couples are expected to share property. There is also the romantic aspect where loves bind the two together. Marriage has become both a romantic and a business relationship. This is what has led to a great acknowledgment of the concept prenuptial agreement.

The prenuptial agreements are written contract between two people before marriage listing all the property each party owns and specifies the property rights each will enjoy in case of a divorce, separation, or death of one.


Prenuptial AgreementUnlike in ancient days where people married and helped each other to get the property, nowadays people look for property first before getting into marriages. Therefore, prenups give couples property rights in case of any unforeseen circumstance. It is a tool of harmony because of many families more so polygamous families end up in financial chaos when the head of the family is dead. Therefore, when you are entering into such an agreement you are not killing trust in your relationship, rather you are preparing your family for the future.

Romantic aspect

In many cases, prenuptial agreements have contradicted the romantic aspect of marriage. Many see it as unromantic and a tool preparing couples for a future divorce. However, people need to understand that the agreement includes death. Therefore, in case you die the agreement will care for your spouse and children after death. If you do not have the document, your property may be changed to community property depending on your state laws. This may see those you leave behind succumb into poverty.

At times as a couple, you may decide to take loans for home development or business. In such cases, a prenup will help to define on whose side the debt is, and what will be the solution in case of death or divorce.

Children from another relation

In some marriages, a partner comes into a marriage when they have children from another relationship. This is common nowadays with the increasing cases of divorce. A prenuptial agreement is perfect in such cases so that it can make sure your children outside the current marriage also benefit from your property.


yes noWhen you think you are ready to enter into a prenuptial agreement, you will have to get an attorney to represent you. Each party should consult with a different attorney, and both come together so that they can draft a fair and agreeing agreement. You will also need full disclosure of your financial details.